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Inner Transformation

What is Inner Transformation?

The Inner Transformation is a continuous process of self-knowledge,

knowledge of our inner spirituality, gradually shaping ourselves in all aspects of our existence.

Why Inner Transformation?

Because it is the means of freeing ourselves from imperfections and making

objectively the work of refinement within us, leading us to improve our spirit.

What for Inner Transformation?

To transform man and in its turn all humanity, still so far from Christian experiences.

Where to do Inner Transformation?

Firstly within ourselves. As we truly change, this change will reflect in all aspects of our lives – at home, at work, with friends, and even with strangers..

When to do Inner Transformation?

The time is now. Time passes quickly and every minute is precious for the achievements we need to make in our


How to do Inner Transformation?

One can join a spiritist group or start alone, living consistently with Jesus' teachings.


The willingness to know yourself arises in two ways:

1-appears naturally as a result of the spiritual maturation of each one

2-caused by the action of renewing suffering, which sensitizes the creature and awakens it to the new values ​​of the spirit.

Some arrive through natural understanding, others through pain, which is also a means of getting our attention

We must, at the end of each day I question our conscience, and review what we had done and ask ourselves if we had not failed to fulfill some duty, and if no one had reasons to complain about us


  • addictions (smoking, drinking, drugs)

  • defects (pride, vanity, envy, jealousy, greed, hatred, revenge, selfishness)

  • virtues (humility, modesty, sobriety, resignation, common sense, generosity, friendliness, sweetness, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, patience

A good way of working on our defects, is to work on our virtues and replace one with the other:

Pride for Humility

Vanity for Modesty

Envy for Resignation

Greed for Generosity

Hate for Love

Revenge for Forgiveness

Intolerance for Mercy

Impatience for Patience

Laziness for Work and Dedication

Inner Transformation (Reforma Intima): Quote
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