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A Caminho da Luz

Spiritist Society of Charlotte

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Welcome To The Spiritist Society Of Charlotte

A Caminho Da Luz

Who We Are

The Spiritist Society of Charlotte (A Caminho da Luz) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the study and practice of Spiritism, as codified by Allan Kardec, in its three basic aspects: scientific, philosophical and religious. We provide a friendly and nurturing environment where all are welcome.

We embrace each person who arrives at our group and provide the Spiritist teachings as a resource for answering timeless questions, such as "Where do I come from? Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose? Why do I suffer?”, while promoting a sense of belonging.

We encourage spiritual enlightenment through the study and practice of Spiritism in our daily lives.

The study is centered on the teachings of Jesus under the light of the spiritist perspective. Together we learn that life is a journey of enlightenment and the present moment is the outcome of past choices as much as the future will be the result of today's choices.

An emphasis on self-knowledge and inner transformation as key factors for the transformation of one's world and reality are at the core of the spiritists' teachings. Inner transformation leads to a journey filled with conscious choices aligned with Divine Love and Justice.

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